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journal articles

​Brand, C. O., Ounsley, J. P., & van der Post, D., J. (2019) Metapsychology.

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supplementary material

Morgan, T. J. H., K. Laland & P. L. Harris (2014). Developmental Science, 18 (4), 511-524.

supplementary material

Mesoudi, A., S. Blanchet, A. Charmantier, É. Danchin, L. Fogarty, E. Jablonka, K. N. Laland, T. J. H. Morgan, G. B. Müller, F. J. Odling-Smee & B. Pujol (2013). Biological Theory, 7, 189–195.

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supplementary information

Rendell, L. E., L. Fogarty, W. J. E. Hoppitt, T. J. H. Morgan, M. M. Webster, and K. N. Laland (2011). Trends in Cognitive Sciences 15, 68–76.

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book chapters

Morgan, T. J. H., C. P. Cross & L. E. Rendell. (2015). In Zeigler-Hill, V., L. L. M. Welling & T. K. Shackelford (eds) Evolutionary Perspectives on Social Psychology. Springer.

Laland, K. N., A. Cowie, & T. J. H. Morgan (2013). In Ellen, R., Lycett, S., Johns, S. (eds) Understanding Cultural Transmission in Anthropology. Berghahn: New York/Oxford.

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conference proceedings

Morgan, T. J. H., & T. L. Griffiths (2015). Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

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Brand, C. O., J. P. Ounsley, D. J. van der Post & T. J. H. Morgan (2017) OSF Preprint

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book reviews

T. J. H. Morgan (2018), Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture, 2 (2).

T. J. H. Morgan (2018), Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture, 2.

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