journal articles

Cultural adaptation is maximised when intelligent individuals rarely think for themselves

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Evolutionary Human Sciences

A theory limited in scope and evidence.

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The emergence and adaptive use of prestige in an online social learning task.

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Experimental evidence for the coevolution of learning and memory.

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What the Baldwin Effect affects depends on the nature of plasticity.

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Cumulative Science via Bayesian Posterior Passing: An introduction.

Brand, C.O., Ounsley, J.P., van der Post, D., Morgan T.J.H.


By reverence, not fear: Prestige, religion, and autonomic regulation in the evolution of cooperation.

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Frontiers in Psychology.

Defining the majority in conformity research: instances versus individuals.

Morgan, T.J.H., Acerbi, A. & van Leeuwen, E.J.C.


Human mate-choice copying is domain general social learning. Scientific Reports.

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Testing the Cognitive and Cultural Niche Theories of Human Evolution.

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Sex differences in confidence influence patterns of conformity.

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The when and who of social learning and conformist transmission.

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James Mark Baldwin and contemporary theories of culture and evolution.

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Experimental evidence for the co-evolution of hominin tool-making teaching and language.

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The Development of Adaptive Conformity in Young Children: Effects of Uncertainty and Consensus.

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Developmental Science.

Is Non-genetic Inheritance Just a Proximate Mechanism? A Corroboration of the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis.

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The Biological Bases of Conformity.

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Cognitive Culture: Theoretical and Empirical Insights into Social Learning Strategies.

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book chapters

Nothing in Human Behavior Makes Sense Except in the Light of Culture: Shared Interests of Social Psychology and Cultural Evolution.

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What animals other than primates can tell us about human cultural transmission.

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conference proceedings

What the Baldwin Effect affects.

Morgan, T. J. H., & Griffiths, T. L.

Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

book reviews

A Different Kind of Animal: How Culture Transformed our Species by Robert Boyd.

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Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture. 2 (2) 115-118.

Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony by Kevin N. Laland.

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Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture. 2, 121-124.

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